These fast, short term 1st and 2nd mortgages can be perfect for small business people who just need quick access to funds for up to 12 months.

Example 1.

CASHFLOW PROBLEMS. Your business has a cash flow problem and is in arrears on loans and to creditors. Simply get a quick 2nd mortgage to pay the arrears, and have cash in the bank to carry your business through the tough times. At the end of the term, you may choose to refinance through a bank, or your business will hopefully be flying along and you can pay the loan back from business profits.

Example 2

STARTING A NEW BUSINESS. You have a house, unit, commercial property, or land, and are starting your own business and need access to cash to carry you for 12 months until your business is well and truly up and running and turning a good profit.

Example 3

NO FINANCIALS... NO WORRIES. You are self employed and don't have financials in order to apply for a bank loan, but you need working capital. Use your real estate as security for a short term 1st or 2nd mortgage, enabling you to get the money you need NOW, and giving you the time to complete your financials so you can go to the bank and arrange a full refinance.

Example 4

URGENT PROPERTY SETTLEMENT. You want to purchase a commercial or investment property in a company name, and your finance has fallen over at the last minute, and you have to settle in 5 days or you will be hit with penalties. This is where a short term private mortgage would save the day. We quickly fund the purchase, and you settle your new property on time, and you then go to a new bank and arrange a refinance to pay our loan out.

It's so easy, and the best part is you do not need to supply anywhere near the amount of information as a bank requires. Credit defaults are ok too. We can even point you in the right direction for the refinance.


The online application is to help us find the right loan for you. No credit enquiries are made until you are happy with the loan we propose for you

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